Virtual numbers for receiving SMS

List of temporary online numbers. 92 numbers available. Updated 09:09 01.03.2024

Free numbers for receiving SMS

Receiving SMS on virtual phone numbers will protect you from spam and fraud during registration, activation, verification, or unlocking of accounts via SMS on websites or social networks.

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List of services for which numbers are suitable:

These are temporary phone numbers or so-called fake numbers for receiving SMS. They are available only for a short period and are closed afterwards. Some virtual phone numbers are active for several months, while others are active for only a few days.

List of free verified numbers:

Anonymous available phone numbers

What is a virtual number

In fact, this is a regular number, the sim card of which is not in your phone, but in special devices (SIM banks, below in the picture). They interact with the software on the service side for receiving SMS and give you a number or code in your personal account. You don't need to bother with anything anymore. The number is issued instantly, after which you can immediately enter it during registration, then wait for the code to come to it and enter it. OpenVox Simbank-320

The main functions of such SIM-banks: SMS to Email, Automatic IMEI change, Blocking incoming calls, Blocking outgoing calls, Bulk SMS7, Processing USSD requests, Sending SMS, Receiving SMS

Virtual number is suitable for registrationon sites where you need to receive a call or enter a code with a verification code. It is not tied to the user, so its use is completely anonymous. It should be understood that the SMS notification will only work for the site for which it was purchased. One SIM bank can work with several gsm gateways. Between the SIM bank and the gsm gateway, you need an Internet channel with a data transfer rate of at least 4 Mbps and with a minimum delay of no more than 400 ms. Proxy servers are not required.


Where and what can virtual phone numbers be used for?

Using such temporary numbers for receiving SMS, register on social networks(VK, ОК, Facebook, Instagram),confirm messengers(Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat)and emails(Яндекс,, Gmail, Yahoo),and also used for other online sites and services: bulletin boards OLX, Avito, Yula, AUTO.RU, Twitter, SEOsprint, Steam, Uber, Gett, Microsoft, Tinder, Ozon, Ebay marketplaces. In addition, "fake" phone numbers can be used to receive one-time personal messages online in order to remain anonymous and not buy a SIM card at a time.Social Media Logo SMS Send

Virtual number services allow you to receive SMS messages to your numbers, which is very useful in cases where:

The service makes it possible to receive SMS without using a mobile phone and without registration. Copy the issued number, paste it into the required field in the verification window and send the SMS code.


How to use a virtual number?

The difference between a regular phone number and a virtual one is that in the first case, messages are sent to your personal mobile phone, and in the second case, you will see SMS in the web interface of the specific service you use.

Actually, if this is a free service, then there will be just a list of numbers, select any number you like and copy it. Paste already on the site where it is required.Copy number and send to service

If the service is paid, then there you still need to select the category under which the number will be used, so that you can select a unique one that has not been used before. This will also affect the cost of the room. For example, numbers under Telegram cost from 45 rubles, and under OLX or Avito - from 13 rubles. Rooms for other categories - from 10 rubles.


How to receive SMS to a temporary number?

  1. Select a phone number from the list above.
  2. Send SMS to this free number. Usually SMS arrives instantly, but depending on the cellular provider, SMS messages can be delayed up to 10 minutes.
  3. Click "Update data" and wait for the SMS to be received.

Video instruction for work


How to find out which operator the number belongs to?

You can find out which carrier your phone number belongs to by contacting your service provider or using our service - Verification of any phone number. To do this, enter the number in the appropriate field and click the "Define operator" button. After that, the service will provide information about the operator and the region to which this number belongs.

Periodically, situations arise when SMS simply cannot reach the addressee. In this case, the online service has absolutely nothing to do with it, this is a conflict on the side of the cellular provider or a specific sender. Everything is solved quite simply - using a new one-time number, preferably belonging to another country.


Service of virtual numbers for receiving SMS online

is a reliable phone number generator with SMS service that users from hundreds of different countries can use to use phone numbers for verification purposes. Using the service eliminates a number of problems associated with anonymity on the network. The reliability of the provider of virtual SIM-cards allows you not to worry about the safety of your account for a long time. The service does not depend on the work of a person, so the service is always available. Accounts can be activated around the clock.


Forbidden SMS

Any phone number receives SMS messages from any sites, even payment systems and other services related to financial transactions. All online sim cards have an automatic filter blocking spam messages. We promise fast SMS delivery and complete confidentiality. The service is used by people from all over the world.


How much do virtual phone numbers for sms cost?

All phone numbers are free. We do not charge for using our fake numbers. Everyone can access received SMS messages. You can send an unlimited number of verification messages to our disposable numbers to activate your accounts. Paid virtual numbers for SMS with a validity period of 10-20 minutes, renting a permanent virtual number from $5 per month, renting a number for a long period from $1 per day. They have separate advantages:

Select a website (service) to register

List of paid virtual numbers
Are there any limits for receiving messages on toll-free numbers?

No, all virtual numbers can receive an unlimited number of messages, and the user can change one phone number to another at any time if he suddenly stopped receiving SMS, became inactive, or when receiving SMS is impossible.

Messages are not received on the specified phone.

There are several reasons. Firstly, it may be a banal incompatibility, due to which the specific operator and resource on which you are trying to register or request a return message cannot reach the specified address. Secondly, this site may be on our blacklist.

They say the number is already in use. Why?

The fact is that freely available phones are used by hundreds of people (you can even see the counter of received SMS for each of them, they often number in the thousands).

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